Reviews for "Severe - Beating"

You are the dumbest boy alive.

Geez, what's so bad about Spanish? I've taken it, and I've gotten A's in it, but that's maybe because I'm smart, and not stupid, like yourself. Have fun masturbating tonight. I know I will.

Pretty crappy...

"The animation was bad, and it didn't make me laugh at all. It had an all around low quality."

Pretty decent

Yea, I fucking hate my Spanish teacher too, thank God I'm not taking it next year. That was an okay flash, the skit was funny just because Adam Sandler made it. The animation was kind of crappy, but the idea makes up for that.



U Need Spanish to buy Snow and shit LOL

1st, tell sr frogs to go screw himself. LOL
As for knocking Spinich <sic> teachers...hey think that one over. If you can speak fluent Spanish....no prob-leem buying snow for yer nose. LOL
See, there's always a positive for any negative. LOL Besides, if no learn spinich how ya gonna deal with those Columbian Drug Lords and their pony tails? LOL