Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"

Great animation

I'm not sure what I like better, the cool(yet odd) animations you made, or the music

M-Shack responds:

the music is pretty sick, it's a hard choice


Very interesting job :)

Very nice

I love watching these loops over and over and over and over and over and ... you get the point :) Both black and white and color versions are great!

Hope to see another similar collab in the future.

I was wondering about Flash "screen savers" but haven't really looked into it yet. I know, there is the fullScreen() thingy in Flash so if there's no sound option for screen savers then a simple .swf or .exe projector file might do the trick. That's how videos (e.g. youtube) work, so there has to be a way. I'm not sure about the scaling but that's probably just detail.

M-Shack responds:

thx. we used a prgram that converted swfs to screen save formats. Im sure there is somethign out there to allow sound

Oh my God!!!

Maybe im crazy, but i watched this a full hour!

M-Shack responds:

wow, hopefully you noticed the secret easter egg...

Just breath-taking

I pulled this up thinking... great another stupid video... then i started watching... so i have 3 words... Your a genius...

M-Shack responds:

thanks, glad you appreciated it. I got the idea from a similar thing I saw elsewhere