Reviews for "Moarphs: In and Out"


you guys made an outstanding Collab animation... I think it was an amazing idea not to reveal eachone's animations... maybe an option to see them after watching for the first time would make it better...

Another thing is that you all really made a good job, and the music included was perfect.
Details+music+animations+screensaver= 100 outta 10

Thanks for the awesomeness guys :D

M-Shack responds:

Thanks. BTW, you have the option to view them if you do to the credits page

Just breath-taking

I pulled this up thinking... great another stupid video... then i started watching... so i have 3 words... Your a genius...

M-Shack responds:

thanks, glad you appreciated it. I got the idea from a similar thing I saw elsewhere

mac screensaver :[

The mac screensaver link didnt work please fix! i wanna get this!!! :D

M-Shack responds:

Sorry, The mac one is hard for me to do cuz i dont have a mac and the software used to make the ss is only for mac. Pretty stupid and gay of them right?


1. Whats the music?
2. Why is this deserve a 5/5 10/10 (dont worry, ill answer is)

M-Shack responds:

Music is listed in the credits


lulz dull beanz guy shot himself so random effective a ten?

M-Shack responds:

i guess so