Reviews for "Throw Rocks at Shit"

:D !!!!!!!

it touched me im so happy my shit be a peace :D!!!!!!!


I am moved to tears. Never before have I seen such a display of storytelling and emotion in the video game medium. Not only that, but the gameplay is solid yet stays refreshing.

This game is an striking innovation of the industry, and will influence many games in the near future.

God bless you sir.

10/10 5/5.

simply wow

I believe i heavily underestimated how literally the title would follow into the game itself.

random game is random

I love all things random...and it dosne't get more random than throwing rocks at shit. Done to classical music. What is next for a sequel? Peeing on snowballs?


I bet you laughed your ass off when you got the idea to make this game, lol literally throwing rocks at shit. makes me wonder if anyone else has ever thought of making a game like this