Reviews for "Throw Rocks at Shit"


Throwing rocks at dog shit is better than poking it with a stick

This game is

full of crap. The music and highscores made me actually want to play this game several times over again, It's funny. :)

Too funny

I must say that this was one of the most funniest & redundant game i have played in quite some time,the concept of the game was hilarious having to throw rocks and moving piles of shit (how they move by themselves is anyone's guess) and then if you lose you see the girl crying her eyes out like her puppy just died,i would have never guessed something like this would come from you D-Sun so thanks for the laughs. =)


This game is great because you literally throw rocks at shit...the music and the girl crying just make it better...


lolzz got way to hard on lvl4 and why the hell is that girl crin