Reviews for "Throw Rocks at Shit"


Dude! I think you jus made the whole human race 10% stupider! and 5% smarter! who wouldnt think of throwing rocks at shit! lol You made me laugh bro! haha xD

Only because it's hilarious.

I won't be letting those sneaky little shits ruin her dreams. Not on my watch.

This game

is literally shit haha. I played it for a few minutes enjoying the splat sound but couldn't be bothered to continue :( Im gonna give you a 10 / 10 for your *Edit* though it made me laugh out loud!

*EDIT* we actually came up with this idea when we were outside actually throwing rocks at dog shit.


Im already stress out with my job i need a game that is going to fun and uplifting i don't think I need to play this game ever again

NO 7!

WOOT! finally got at number 7 in the whole world !