Reviews for "Throw Rocks at Shit"

It took three people to make this S***?

I have to say, a game where you murder piles of moving feces to prevent them from getting into a lake because...they get wet...has to have some great writing behind it. Coupled with the self-explanatory plot and incredible programming, the only way this could be better is a boss fight with a hippopotamus eating a bowl of chili that sprays projectile crap into the lake if you don't throw the rocks up its anus.

If I Call This 'Shitty'...

Is it a compliment or an insult?


how can i say this without making it sound bad... hmm oh yea... it's shitty


This is horrible its not entertaining at all why do this anyway?

......WTF is this shit

dude it makes no sence and you know what pisses me off on this is that theres a fucking girl crieng at the end i dont even fucking know wtf this is about!!!!!! i was going to give you a nine but forget it i give this game a 5 becaese it had no story line just throw rocks at pieces of shit and the if youi lose a girl cries!!!!!!