Reviews for "Throw Rocks at Shit"

This game is shitty

But in a good way ^_^

wish it had a higher score

awesome concept, great game. It's a pity most of the reviewers lack the brain cell the comprehend the true greatness behind this work.


Ok, so I'm not going to say that this is the worst game I've ever played...but.... It really has no point. It is a little humorous, has good music, is drawn ok, and is playable. But not much over that. One time play only. A little below average, and not really front-page worthy.


One of the best games I have ever played.

No basillica, Cathedral, art museum, or ground covered with shit can out beauty, out master, or outdo this beautiful piece of art. I truly recommend this to all who are thinking of playing this great game. The music is breathtaking. I beg you to please make more games like these. This deserves a 100000000/10 and 20000000/5.

My score is LEET

good game. :P