Reviews for "Starmageddon"

Love it

I like side-scrolling shooters, but this one is especially nice. Good upgrade system, nice ship designs, and nice difficulty. I got killed my first time on "uh-oh". Kinda feel newbish for that, but oh well. I also like the fact that it saves your progress so that you can die or quit and come back. Can't think of too many problems with it, but haven't finished the game.


After playing the first level, I must say PLEASE GIVE SOME CREDITS TO THE GAME - SHOOTER TYRIAN!

You used his ship-sprites so this game deserves a little text in your author comments, Please as a mega-fan of Tyrian I insist!!!!!!!!!

Love the game already, going for level 2...!

- you made me sign in ..rofl -


I practically lived off of Tyrian as a kid, and I'm a sucker for references. This game was superbly entertaining, and seeing all the Tyrian-related sprites gave me mad nostalgia. Definitely enjoyed it.

Wow man.

I can't beleieve i just played this for a good hour. The song the graphics and the Gameplay were ll just great. I loved the Upgrade system it was great. The song that was playing fit perfectly with the game too. So from me to you 5/5 and a 10/10

this game kicks ass

man, I loose myself in this game all the time. dodging, upgrading, lasers..... this game has it all.
please, improve on a good thing and put another one out!