Reviews for "Starmageddon"

too easy

Really enjoyed the game, but it was too easy and I finished it and got all the medals really quickly.

Which is a pity, would have enjoyed playing it a bit longer.

Anyhow, it's impressive how smoothly it runs with that amount of stuff on screen.
Cool looking bosses as well, pretty original considering bosses in flash shooters are usually just chunky shapes stuck together.

Great game!

Btw I noticed the first boss is the same thing as one of the bosses in the game Tyrain and old DOS shooter game... give it to the classic... props!!

Best shooter I've ever played. Nuff said

Very good game. good upgrade pacing but too easy to get all upgrades before being near level 13. Sounds were great and didn't get repetitive for me. Coins got in my way a lot so i couldn't see some enemy shots making it hard to dodge but maxed out armor fixed that ;). extremely fun and i don't mind playing this game 3 times over though i already beat the game :D. please make another :(.

Galaga on Steroids, crack, and horse tranquilizers

Best retro game on Newgrounds

I play a lot

I like the game and the music, wish you can save what you have. Or at least when you die you can start where you left off and not the beginning, that's annoying.