Reviews for "Starmageddon"

Excellent game!

Graphics, sounds, engine working perfect, no bugging, just could add the option to choose between different ships.

As stated wrong below (by "tungazzio"), there is an "somewhat" unique feature - The shockwave system. Not that original but works well.

Also the game don't lack replayability so it takes 10.


Wow, good graphics and explosions. Including the ships.

Yeah, but I can't vote 10 like the others, you did a good job, but the upgrade business you did might need a little improvement on the pricing.

But still, a good game worth faving. :)


A reasonably well-made game that distinctly lacks any unique features or gameplay mechanisms.

It was pretty fun.

I had a great time with the game. The upgrades were well-balanced, weren't too hard or easy to get. Occasionally the cursor/ship seemed to move a bit slow. The later levels tend to get visually confusing with all the stuff going on in the screen, but that might just be me. The only thing that disappointed me was running out of upgrades, and really that's more of me wishing there was more game. Very nice job.


I encountered a bug on the last level. I was very close to defeating the last boss, but died before I did. Still, I was awarded the game completion trophy.