Reviews for "Starmageddon"

did you know the SHOCKWAVE acts as a force field

Vibe13 responds:

I'm not sure what you mean - all enemies caught in the shockwave will jitter about a bit, is that what your talking about?....

....I've written other games with similar fx which apply a repulsive force to the enemies, however as far as I can remember I didn't do that in this one (back then I still had to figure out how to optimise the code to reduce the potential set of enemies caught within the field otherwise the performance hit was gonna be too much).

It was a decent game in all but it was incredibly easy and did not have the same bullet hell feeling like the rest do.
The base of the ship that you have to dodge with was way too big compared to the size of the screen. Later on at some point dodging isn't even an option,it just becomes "How many bullets can I take" and " How fast can I kill these enemies/bosses". For the upgrades you should have implented some sort of limit because once you get everything,which you will, it becomes near impossible to lose even just by standing in 1 spot.
The game might not be like other bullet hells but it just became way too easy in the end and became sort of a mess,I am sure you worked hard on this game but in my opinion it could have been much better than it is now.

Vibe13 responds:

yeah that's valid criticism: when I wrote this game I'd only just discovered bullet-hell games and I didn't really understand how they work. Even now a couple of years later I'm only just starting to catch on about things like the need for a tiny hit-box (yeah I can be _really_ slow at times)....I'll have another go at it soon and see if I can get the balance better.

Awesome game!!!

amazing! this game should be called boss rush though as the bosses come one after another. my only gripe is the fact that you feel like only one person. where is your base, your fighter squadron? great game though. add some land sections and your game is gold.

it game is f*** cool