Reviews for "Starmageddon"

Just beat the game using the power of minor lag to beat the game with no deaths. :)
It was pretty fun but and it was sorta easy in the long run of things.


Vibe13 responds:

yeah it can be kinda easy - I still find it hard to get the right difficulty balance...I've been using 'minor lag' to beat games since I was a nipper with a C64 so I'm not too worried about that!

Ahhh.., just finished the game start to finish without any deaths. Killfest!!!

Vibe13 responds:

I'm not sure if I could do that myself...

Pretty easy game -- just really grindy.

Graphics are pretty good. Music is good.
Overall far too easy for someone who is used to shoot-em-ups but no technical flaws with the game.
Ideal for a more casual gamer.

Vibe13 responds:

yeah it is pretty easy.

I'm an old schooler: my natural tendency is to make games too hard, I then have to make an effort to pull it back a bit - I think I over-compensated a little with this one!

In twenty years I'll tell my son: Look little man this game is Starmageddon, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy :)

Pretty legit game, fun gameplay good graphics and the levels were pretty challenging, i guess i beat the game cause i got the medal game completed but it said game over so i guess i killed the last boss and died at the same time haha xD