Reviews for "Starmageddon"

Needs serious optimization

Pretty fun, no comment on the sprite originality.

The big problem though as has been mentioned is performance. Specifically, the performance is crap. Please endeavor to optimize your code next time.

Very frantic!

Nice game here! feels very frantic! I personnaly don't really like the 3D models style but that's my opinion and nobody has to care about it. The last lvl was pretty hard! And too bad there are not more upgrades cuz as you hit lvl 10, you basically have bought everything already. Otherwise, well good job and keep up the good work!

Pretty Fun!

This game is pretty fun overall, but the Scoring is a bit off. A person could go like an hour doing the second to last level and get a huge score and whatnot, I just got 2nd place overall but i imagine I'm gonna be bumped down in due time ;)

Pretty good

Only problem is that the game tends to lag whenever there's a large amount of enemies or projectiles on the screen. Then the ship doesn't respond to your commands nearly fast enough, and that just makes it really irksome.

Like it

most of the enemy ships are from the game Tyrain 2000 a classic in the vertical shooters