Reviews for "Starmageddon"

Boom shaka laka

This scratched that itch i was having for a lonnnnnggggggg time. It was very well done and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Cant wait for a sequel. It was a tad exploitable at times once you got all the power ups but nevertheless great game.

Maximum enjoyment!

Someone just got an idea to unleash hell's wrath to a space-shooting game,and this is the game. The best shooters i played so far. If you make a sequel,perhaps you can...
1)Add more bullet/primary weapon types,other than basic bullets
2)Different ships with different capabilities

Vibe13 responds:

I agree it really could do with both of those suggestions. I've got rockets in the sequel already, I'd like more weapon types but I've already spent far too long on this game, so thats gonna have to wait for a 'threequel' (which I'm sure I'll get around to at some point)...

...the same goes for different ship types: I'm not gonna find the time to design multiple ship graphics for the next installment, but it's defintely something I'd like to do in the future.


If they are trying to take Galaga out of the business then they are on the right track. This is the best flash bullet-hell shoot-em-up games except for one thing. Their is only one type of bullet. If they added at least missiles or bombs then this would be the best arcade/shooter game of all time!!!!!!!!

great game

i enjoy shooting games. The boss battles are easier LOL
The smaller ships are evil, they swarm and shoot you up :P
Gud job!

Really great

This is a great game you should make a sequel. :)

Vibe13 responds:

yeah, yeah I know already! - I _think_ I'm gonna be done on the sequel within a week or 2...