Reviews for "Starmageddon"

I confess... the game addicted me ;D

Wow Nifty

This was actually pretty cool the game "RESPONDS" well the ship is easy to handle the first "BOSS" wa notbad either, The "UPGRADES" are pretty impressive and theres a lot of them I spent a good time on this game the sprite of the shup was nice, I think I would suggest more flashy effects on bigger explosions and whatnot, By the time I got to level five it was already pretty tough, Nifty game and thats just an understatement, Its alot of things but I found this game to be nifty, entertaining and a whole bunch of fun built around it, Now ofcourse there are some things that can be worked on to make it look and feel better, even play better, And I will address that soon. You have Distributed something really good here today.

I think I would suggest more flashy effects on bigger explosions and whatnot


Awesome addictive game. COOL

dang so many good things about this game I dont knowwhere to begin! well playing the game I only died one time on level 3 and got worried thinking there would not be a continue but bam ! there is a continue thank you for that and after that the upgrades helped me get all the way to the last boss the difficulty became super easy for a long time through the game but the final boss while i was in my cocky mode got my health bar down to one more hit and i would of died so I snapped back into game mode and destroyed him while having bunch of fun the achievements look really neat I like the trophy you get for completing the game ehh the detail on the medal could of been a little better but the idea of the picture of a trophy is briliant I hope to see more games like this one 10/10 all the way

I keep getting this error after the first level:(

Error: Error #2130
CATCHER: App.enterFrame

Please fix