Reviews for "The Newgrounds Face"


Well notbad. The action in this was really good. The characters I thought could use more personality. But mostly was OK the flash had a good idea and that's why I enjoyed it so nice effort and flash

Loved this flash



The only reason i give you a ten is because i agree!!!!


You should've turned the guy around right before stabbing, some people just couldn't get that the end guy was the same guy just with a new face. And really, some people are just too offended by u saying "it's the new face on newgrounds" and I don't know why?

Overall, it made me laugh. Of course it's not really a classic, nor the ending is that original (many movies that end with a surprise stab/kill e.g. egoraptor's MGS series)

Good one

I agree, the face looks stupid.

The guy gives a good point LOL. The reason I give a 9/10 is because it was a little weird that the guy was stabbing a blue background screaming "YOW! OW!"...


The only people i've seen use that exact face in your animation is well explosm... and if you mean in the replies well whatever then

Animation was alright, the ending face was just odd.