Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

pretty, but bad controls and silly mechanics

Graphically, it looks OK, but there are far nicer looking Geometry Wars clones out there.

My main gripe with this is the controls. Simply put, I want to control the ship with keyboard and aim with the mouse. Controlling movement and aim in a 360 degree shooter with mouse is stupid. It is not a challenge. It is not difficult. It is bad control design. Please, add keyboard control for movement.

Getting struck once removes all upgrades. This is a problem because of the aforementioned point - the controls for this game are terrible. On the initial levels, this doesn't matter, as enemies die with very few shots. But on later waves, it turns the game into a long, drawn-out borefest. Again, this is not a challenge or a matter of difficulty. It is just bad design.

The ability to switch firing types is good. You get points for that. The bomb system is fairly simple. I don't see why you should have to hold down the mouse for that, though - it delays what should be a reflexive action. Instead, that should be a single click or keystroke.

The upgrade system is silly. You're supposed to collect these yellow things, which is easy enough, because they move towards you over time. However, there are two problems. The first is that they fade over time. This is a problem due to the bad control scheme, which means you'll be shooting and killing stuff you didn't intend to, meaning wasted yellow thingies. Again, not a challenge or matter of difficulty, just bad design. Next, the game doesn't tell you your progress to the next upgrade . Given that it apparently takes a very large number of these, there should be some indication that the player is approaching the next level of upgrade. A simple progress bar would work.

Get your own game.

Sorry come up with your own game why don't you.....you could have done something a little different ,but you chose not too.


So, you know how to rip off geometry wars, add in decent music but you fail at understanding non rage inducing gameplay elements.

Having your ship revert back to completely powerless if you get struck out is absolutely arbitrary game lengthening bullshit.

Basically once you hit the higher levels with more HP if you get struck out once you have to either use your bombs to pass or lose all 3 lives then come back with a full stock of bombs to get past the level in any *reasonable* amount of time.

Level 12 I killed myself on purpose just to get my bombs back to kill them, once again this is not some chinese ricefest, stop lengthening the game with bullshit mechanics that aren't fun or interesting.

Maybe next time you'll come up with something original and fun.

JGOware responds:

Sorry the game is too hard for you, thanks for playing though, I appreciate it. I am seriously considering making the game alot easier. As far as lengthing the game, the boss levels are the only ones that are really long, other levels take 30-60 seconds to complete.

wow just awful

wow thiis is boring the first level was all i had to play and wh7y did you copy geometry wars and you didnt even copy it good

JGOware responds:

well..thanks for the playing the 1st level. I guess that's a good way to judge the entire game. ;)

I couldnt stand this...

Terrible gameplay, the enemies sort of just formed a circle around me pretty much instantly, and because the cursor both aim and moves your character, u was run into one and die to get out, or just wait until they cme to close and killed me...

I've never played geometry wars, but some peple have been saying this game is a copy of it, i have no idea if it is or not so im not going to judge the game on that.

If you could control the character with the arrow keys an aim with the mouse then gameplay would be much better.