Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


Wave 12 was stupid as shit and time consuming with extremely little space to move around in.

As for basic gameplay......Average with some problems. Moving around things was a pain in the ass, and shooting was even more of a pain in the ass, because even if your mouse button is still your ship is slowly moving forward, making it a pain in the ass to actually shoot something without ramming it.

The upgrades did too much. By this I mean; If You get hit once on a hard wave, or maybe even more, You pretty much forfiet your ability to complete that wave.

One of the most fun things I do in this kind of game, is making comebacks with incomperable odds. But in this case its completely out of the zone to even be able to do shit later on without your upgrades, so I quit almost immediately after I realised this.

Nice flash skills however

You really did rip off geometry wars, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-_qla ywKBs

Now this may intentional and if so at least mention it in your author comments. If you were part of the team that made geometry wars then i guess this is your original piece. other than than that nice flash skills.


this game is great an all......but the bombs should also defend your ship from enemy fire. the upgrades shouldn't be downgraded with every little hit it takes. i pretty much played the half the game as a lvl shooter then i got bored of it.

other than those, its a great game.

JGOware responds:

Thanks for the comments, but if those "suggestions" were added in the game, it would be a piece of cake and you would have become "bored" alot sooner. So, "annoying" + "bored" = "it's a great game" ? ;)

Awesome :D

Amazing game. The controls were nice and smooth and the music and sound effects fitted really well. This should get a daily feature. :D
Also could you please tell me how you created the particle effects when you killed an ememy? they looked awesome.

Loved it

This game is great :), I hope this gets frontpage