Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Geometry wars--;

Thie game is exactly like geometry wars only not as good... The controls are cumbersome and take a step back from the superior controls in geometry wars...

You should be able to control the ship with the keyboard and ain with the mouse.


I thought it was pretty good. I'm not sure why you have so many mixed reviews about it. my only complaint is the fish in wave ten seem really hard. I didn't lose a single life till wave ten and then at wave ten I lost them all. but that could just be the fish were to hard core for myself. Other than that one thing, great game.

by the way to the other members righting reviews: this is not a copy of geometry wars. It has similair graphics and ship design. However half the levels are like the atari 2600 asteroids game and he even says "I know the pong Boss is a bitch." right under his author comments. Hence the name "retro"shoot360. this is like a big mixture of atari 2600 titles not geometry wars.

Not bad...

Decent game, but like the many commenters before me have pointed out, the controls are shit. Its near impossible to navigate and aim at the same time, a staple for the shooter genre. I can't for the life of me get past level 12. Trying to dodge through the bullets and hit those tanks is almost unfeasible, let alone three of them working in tandem, popping up along the sides of the screen. Also, level 11, whats with the duck? I attempted shooting it, which means it can't be that important, following gaming logic. Oh, and blah blah blah Geometry Wars rip off. Who gives a shit. Both games are fun, both entertain. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I say. Again, decent work, controls suck, maybe fix it up a bit.

Geometry wars, what?

I thought I was playing RetroShoot, but it loaded up Geometry Wars. The game, technically is made very well. But I rated it low for lack of originality. I would mention other annoyances about the game but others here have obviously covered it. the health bars, the bombs, the power down after 1 hit.

You should definitely tweak your game and find a style that's your own.

Ok how shall I start this?

Ok get ready for a long read.

Alright the first thing that pissed me off was the bombs. While they are effective, they dont destroy bullets. In any shooter bombs are supposed to be your life saver. Not a mass blob of light that blinds you and hides all the bullets causing you to get hit and lose a chunk of power.

That's my next problem. It's retarded that you depreciate when your hit. You spend all this time building up a massive weapon, just to lose it when you get tapped by something. Most the time It's not even the lack of dodging skills, but the controlls that skew you over.

Problem number three, those stupid controlls. Since around wave 16 you get swarmed from all corners, naturally you need to move fast to group them up and then pick how you take care of them. But if your about to get hit and lose your weapon, you move the mouse off screen, not meaning to, and then your whole movement gets messed up and then long story short, you die.

Next up is the health bars on some of these things. Bosses are understanable, although I found it a little extreme for three blobs, but I found myself a lot of times fighting a large swarm of things, with a none upgraded weapon causing everything to take so many shots to kill, but at the same time I can't focus on shooting one thing because the remaining 40 things left is trying to rape me. I found myself restarting constantly to get my bombs back just to finish the level. That fishy level is a fine example of this.

The last con I have is that those little yellow things that fly out when you manage to kill something seem to dissapear to fast.

Now the whole thing isn't bad. The graphics are very nice, and the music is too. I also like how you save your weapons if you start in a later level.

If I may make a suggestion, since you lose a whole level of power after being hit, maybe it would be nice to make it so you dont have to collect as many yellow thingies to get it back, and/or make it so you can upgrade of kills.