Reviews for "RetroShoot360"

Great Game!

Now, yes some of those reviews are right, because of the lag you can get when there a bunch of enemies on-screen (that includes your bullets), but once you get past the controls and lag, you actually start to notice that lag helps you! (especially on those green blobs.) Now, the power-up system works well, most of the time. Now the only gripe some people have with this, is the fact that if you get hit once- you power-down. This can happen to people who don't have a steady hand, but you can only take three hits so that makes sense. I hope your game gets at least a 4 score! P.S. this is game is hard, but hey, you wouldn't want it Demon's Souls hard, would you? That's what i thought.


The first one was good because it was a scrolling shooter. This sandbox style is way too familiar and done to perfection by other games already. You put your game now into too big league and it falls short. I wish you go back to the scrolling shooter style because there you rank good, but this style you rank ~average at best.


i have to give this a lower rating because its lagging in controls as many people have already said, and i appreciate the toughness but with the controls its kind of like trying to get a guy with no legs to race up a tower- its already tough by itself but why did you have to take his legs away?

falls way short

This would be a pretty good game if it weren't for the poor controls. You can't demand precision movement in a shooter that ties the gunfire to the movement. It wasn't overly painful until level 12, when you're dodging spread shots coming at you from every direction, fired from green blobs with juggernaut like health. All in all the time necessary just wasn't taken on it to make it fun. Visually appealing yes, but fun, no.

Good Game With Some Problems

This is all very familiar. It isn't a bad game but a lot of people are saying this is a lot like Geometrywars.... that's because it is (surprise!).

The game is still solid but, at level 12, it becomes the kind of difficult that makes me quit playing. The life bars, the one hit power down kills, the overall difficulty and lacking originality all hurt what would have otherwise been a rock solid game.