Reviews for "RetroShoot360"


I have nothing against the controls, actually that's why this game has 3 points and I'll give it another one for the graphics. But the only way to get on with it is let yourself die and start the same wave with all the bombs, then you destroy asteroids and let yourself die the next one. At least after level 12 there's just not another system unless you have the patience of a robot.

As the guy below sais, is not hard-hard, but stupid-hard. Just makes no sense.

Stupid flaws

This game could but be really good, but it has some stupid flaws :<

Control... you have to maneuver between shots here, it has to be fast and easy. But here you sometimes have to move the mouse over the entire screen to get a good speed. No way to move fast at the sides of the screen or in the corner.
Solution: Just keep the speed the same your ship follows the mouse, all the time.

Other then that the game is too hard. Not hard-hard, but stupid-hard. Weapon upgrades are lost once you touch an enemy... No way to really get a strong weapon wich is quite frustrating.
I made it to the pong boss. Didn't really take much skill, just keep using all the bombs in one wave wich blasts everything away.
Please nerf bombs and reduce enemy HP, especially of bosses.

Also the waves were really uneven. Some were really hard and others pretty easy. This kill-everything-around-the-ship item made the waves with it a piece of cake wile earlier waves were way harder.
All the meteor waves so far were also easy, but I asume that's intended.

Could be a good game, just need refining, lots of refining.

tempted to give 0

because its laggy and the controls suck to the point where I was turned off within the first 10 seconds.

But I'm being nice because you did put a lot of time into this I bet

Next time make gameplay #1 not effects

Geometry wars, without the time limit.

Also, critical design flaw: Once you get super powerful and only get hit one time by enemies, your weapons are downgraded. This makes a frustrating power gap between the enemies with lots of health, and your very weak weapons. Needs to be fixed, then this game might be a 10/5

i got the original

the real game is called geometry wars and was a classic i got the remake for ds
ps its not crystals theyre geoms ; )