Reviews for "Trains"

Very well done.

It always makes me feel good when a flash I protected makes the front page.
Very nice original flash.

I think it was great....

... but one thing i got lost in... was the blue box train and the blue, all different shapes train and the blue, all different shapes train with gray windows, all the same train? Just wondering :P


The only word i can think off. But im half asleep right now. Still loved it though.


I read back in the reviews like you told Jefpef to do and... is the "subtle thing" how he gets on the train just to enjoy the ride? because thats the only thing i can see it being...
anway... I liked the soft feeling the abstactness to the whole thing and this helped me get more tired because I was actually about to go lay down from a long night lol so thanks? =P nice job

MorrowDays responds:

thanks boregamer
thats not the 'subtle thing', but someone else got it.

lmao usually you don't want your animation to put people to sleep but I guess in this case its a good thing :)

this is great

i dont know what everyone's problem is.
but i love this.
awesome flash dude.