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Reviews for "Trains"

A subtle thing that makes it clever?

I'm not catching on, i feel dissastisfied. Is it that he got on and off at the same place, just to enjoy the ride? It already seemed more like a rollercoaster to me. Seems a bit simple tough. The guys head looks like that of a spermatozoid and the tracks are kinda organic and tubular ... but thats just my messed up mind working right there ... i suspect.
On to the actual review then. I can appreciate this, but i had difficulty keeping focused towards the end and some scenes i was wondering whether or not i had already seen them. It just didnt pique my interest enough, but thats just me.
The song is well composed but maybe if it would build up to reach a climax towards the end it would be less boring. Considering it's made with garageband and a keyboard it's pretty impressive. I really like the art, the organic style and animation. (esp the bird).

MorrowDays responds:

ding ding ding


i love how it looks and i love how it sounds. i'm not saying it's a masterpiece, but nothing needs to be changed, it's great as is. and i also couldn't find the story or the subtle thing you talked about- and i'm DYING to know. It seems the only person that figured it out and wrote a review was badgerattack...
I don't expect you to tell me or anything, but maybe the lack of understanding on my part just adds to the prestige of this piece.
good work


I can't believe you would sy such a thing BADGERATTACK! You should be hated for that.


your response to Badgerattack was enough to make me write a review cause it made me laugh :)
I really liked the music for it. The animation was smooth and the way you drew the models seemed pretty unique. I do like a bit more of a story, even if your not using any words. A guy getting in a train, that train moving around in a kinda cool way, then him getting off the train isn't the best idea ever :P
I liked how the train seemed to not be connected, just fragments of it hovering next to eachother. Kinda reminded me on rayman for some reason.
You get a high rating for music and originality, but only a 7 because of a certain lack of....well, there isn't anything to this video that really makes it stand out. It's nice to watch but doesn't go any further then that really, won't linger in most peoples minds which is something you probably want :P


I really love this and it's serene, almost child-like feeling this flash has. It reminded me of a very comfortable dream. Sometimes I feel like that, along for the ride, with no clear destination. I hope I'm not reading too much into it. At any rate, excellent job!