Reviews for "Primary"

One problem as I see it.

I love this game. Only one problem from my perspective. The wall-jumping is a pain as you have to get into a wall-slide first. This proves to be very tricky and slows down the game a hell of a lot.

Other than that, fantastic.

Great Game

The game was great and addicting, but there were three problems:
1. The laser disintegration animation was the same as the enemy disintegration, making it look like the laser got goo allover you
2. The first and second boss were almost the same, just no doors the second time, mix it up a little, like a flying boss or something.
3.Wall jumping was such a pain in the ass, it wasn't responsive so I would say that even if your 2 pixels from the wall you should be able to jump, this would make it easier.

Great game, but....

I gave a 9 for the fact the controls were to simple. I'm on a laptop, and it never happens unless I play a flash game, but my WASD keys register as if they were being held down. BUT I give a 9 because even the first few levels caught my eye as wonderfuly made game masterpiece. Good job, waiting for the next games from you


it is a good game it is one of a kind well out of alll i the game iplayed anyway

I really liked the game, the only problem i have with it is that you should allow an option to change the controls to up, right, left instead of just A. W. D.

I like the idea of having to change colour, can be tricky when jumping from the colour coded ledges, but fun :P

4.5 stars for the lack of control choice. but over all a great game :)