Reviews for "Primary"

Almost perfect

The only issue I had was that when you played for long enough the game slows down. The only way to fix it is to reload the page. I've had a similar problem before, and it was caused by using code attached to keyframes in movie clips in order to have multiple animations in a single movie clip. As long as the clip continues to play, the garbage collector does not remove it, even if you delete it in your code. To fix this, simply run stop() on the movie clip. Just a guess.


Frozen! Haven't seen you in a loooong time! Nice to see you're still in the game (and the graphics in this are awesome). Seriously, nice job all!

> Also nice to see Tomar in on this one too. He's like the best voice artist ever. :P

Re: Glitching

It never happened on my computer, but on my partner's computer using FF3.xx all we had to do was click out of the game then click back in. Then it was fine. Never stuck again.

Aside, I love the game. :)

JackSmack responds:

huh... never thought of that.

Good game, would like alternate keys

Went well, I wish you allowed the arrow keys, using colemak or dvorak is a pain with this game.

Pretty awesome!

It lagged a ton on medium, but my computer sucks so I won't hold it against you. It's a really sweet game, with some awesome music (especially the elevator music), smart controls, and intuitive gameplay. Clever and fun. The only problem I have is that the name of the game, Primary, is a subliminal message to "Marry Pi." (It's an anagram). The even more sinister anagram is "RIP Army," but I'm sure you guys don't want to do THAT. Then again, the game has sort of an underdog, anti-big-guy theme, so... :D Seriously, great job and keep it up.