Reviews for "Primary"

A little too laggy

The idea is great, the gameplay is perfect, but even on a computer capable of playing GTAIV, NWNII, and others, every move I make is delayed. Someone else suggested that it would be an excellent Nintendo DS game, and I concur with that 100%, you should talk to Nintendo, or at least get a copyright so nobody can steal it.

Great game, but....

I gave a 9 for the fact the controls were to simple. I'm on a laptop, and it never happens unless I play a flash game, but my WASD keys register as if they were being held down. BUT I give a 9 because even the first few levels caught my eye as wonderfuly made game masterpiece. Good job, waiting for the next games from you

yes is very good

pretty sweet yo

multi switch keys!? oh come on!

at least make a hint and can u make the option to use arrow keys?

I really liked the game, the only problem i have with it is that you should allow an option to change the controls to up, right, left instead of just A. W. D.

I like the idea of having to change colour, can be tricky when jumping from the colour coded ledges, but fun :P

4.5 stars for the lack of control choice. but over all a great game :)