Reviews for "Primary"


this game is awesome
Contragulation to this game
the plot is interesting
i just want to play


Good game man, it kept me entretained for hours, and i just finished.
It was simple and good, i like that the diffuculty was notoriously increasing cause then i found myself taking like 5 minutes in a single level by the end.
Anywho, good work!

Theres a big bug

Suddenly when Im playing, the screen its just 1/4 so its imposible to see the player so its a constant loss. fix it plz

Pretty cool

However, in my opinion the gameplay was a little slow and it took me a while to memorize the buttons that would change your colors. Other than that, i enjoyed it a lot and I can tell it took a lot of work. Very well made and stylish.

I love this game but...

it's so hard to wall jump!