Reviews for "Primary"

just the controls..

otherwise it is a great game.. and i recommend that every time it changes its colors.. music also change.. hmm.. just to set the mood xD

Great puzzles, except when it lags and I die!

Great concept, like so many here on NG. I love how you can switch colors while doing anything, and sometimes have to! The bloody thing lags though too much, especially on the higher levels. Great fun, great artwork, keep it up, bro!


A very interesting game. Creative storyline, what with all the colors and stuff. Clever names, too - "Hue"man? Nice pun. xD
I enjoyed playing this game a lot!

Great game

The game is awesome i love it but seriously, it keeps freezing on ads, why are u even putting ads mid game that often?

JackSmack responds:

The game use to only have picture ads, NG's ad system changed over to video ads after this game was released.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-IM PORTANT-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A glitch happened on floor 10 (first boss that appears on the three spots on the ground)
I died multiple times on it...like A LOT
And after awhile the boss glitched so at the beginning of the level when i was brought back to life He/She/It? was right there and when i entered the room the second one kept on spawning inside the glitch and being replace by the glitch which did nothing beside it's tentacles just flopping in a neutral position and so i just sat there like an idiot jumping around changing colors and dieing and it was still there...also i refreshed the page closed the browser and it was still there somehow so i had to delete the cookie/cache for the game and start over so i think it might be a good idea to check it out and see whats wrong with the code or so
-Yours dearly Killer36150 aka Andrew36150