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Reviews for "Primary"

Great one!

Really interesting and diverse! Good game by all means. Deserves 10/10 and 5/5 (And i think the controls are just fine)

Good Game

I like it. The idea is new and unique. Same guy with three different colors to choose from each with it's own ability. I have never seen a game like this before. The music is pretty good too. The controls are a little whacked and at times I do get hung up but everything else about it is good. Keep up the good work.

Sweet game

Apart from the occasional why the #$%& did he do that!!? I didn't have much trouble controlling him. the only main problem i had was the delay in the color change ability but since you had to wait until the wheel moved and locked i'm guessing that was intentional. The music fits real well and the "monsters" were interesting. I liked the hide ability though i was expecting electricity since there was ice and fire but that worked out better especially fighting the boss. i cant wait to see what you do for part 2.

where can i download these soundtracks?
i love the music