Reviews for "Primary"

Done whole game :P

But i'm not into medals so i skipped beating trials and 5000 points, not dying in 25 lvl :P This is like Prince of Persia (the newest, comix-graphic) but far less boring and in need to go back to some places. All of the powers were well-thought, you could beat levels quite fast using teleport.
For all those who can't play or have problems with it: everything worked well for me in Firefox (besides slow game, but just changed quality). All levels are fairly easy, just need some time to remember movements. The checkpoints weren't placed that badly as i thought from the start, and it took me 5-10 minutes to train wall-jumping perfectly. (PROTIP: Hold your W key and the key making you slide to the wall, just change them while jumping - this may require to change timing in some levels)
Also, the boss is the easiest part, just stay at highest platform or in Yellow and wait for the boss.
The game is great, and i'm realling awaiting a sequel - 30 levels + 3 harders achievments is a fun way of spending some spare time :D


Fire,Electric,Ice the 3 Main Element's Love electric you can Shock people


I haven't played it trough yet, but this was pretty cool.

It'd been forever since the last time I played it, so I was like "HECK YEAH!" when I saw it in the Power of Three collection.

i have earned the secret medal ''frozenfire''