Reviews for "Primary"

Not laggy at all for me ^_^

I just couldn't beat that damn boss!


Excellent game brotha. The gameplay and puzzles were fun to work my way through- not to difficult but still challenging. Btw Zerowinger before you start whining about the glitches, at least try the suggestions JackSmack suggested cause when i added NG to my trusted sites list the bug was fixed.


lol fun as hell wearing the enginerr's suspenrers from TF2


If you can't call this addictive and fun, you have to get your brain checked cause its running to slow for you.


the three "primary colors" for ADDITIVE combination are red, blue and green.
But, For SUBTRACTIVE coloration, as in art, the primary colors are red, blue and yellow. the modern equivalents being cyan, magenta, yellow and black.