Reviews for "Primary"

Great Game

But after three or so maps I would start losing frames until it took 10 seconds to complete a basic jump. MASSIVE LAG. My system can usually run flash games with another full screen program minimized, so I blame your game.

Not that bad, since it gave me lots of time to change colours, which was equally as horrendous a system.

Really... D and A made sense... Jump on W is ok. Skills on space... well I would prefer jump there, but whatever. Oh, and skills on S too... ok... kind of confusing, but again, whatever. Ah, and to change colour... J K L??? Or click the screen...

Absolutely despised the controls... An option for us to set it up manually would be glorious. Arrow keys for left right, space for jump, 1 2 3 for colours and A S for skills...

The despicable controls and lack of (an obvious) quality button are why it wasn't 10/10.


i really enjoyed it, until i closed the window. i figured i could just pick up where i left off but no matter how many times i click the "load game" button, it doesnt do anything so i have to start over every time.

other than that it was an awesome game but maybe you should try fixing that

Okay, but....

This idea seemed interesting, but the game itself just didnt seem fun to me.

bad controls good game

fix em man seriously i could not play like this

Good but...

The "sticky keys" glitch NEEDS to be fixed. Telling the person who wants to play your game to go get stuff just so he can play it properly instead of going back and fixing the movement control programming yourself is not what a professional game maker would deal with a glitch.