Reviews for "Primary"

It was great.

It's not a bad game, but I would like to have the option to use the arrow keys rather than the wasd buttons. This makes pressing R difficult.

Needs work

The game was utterly boring, i liked the concept, the animation and everything were good so was the idea, but people have the attention span of a fly, this was boring as hell, i only played so far in hope that it gets interesting. And the controls, why not the arrow keys? It was annoying as shit trying to play this with "A,W,D" keys. way too frustrating, you should have had the option to use both or to switch between which to use. That's all i have to say.

Needs a controls changing place

I like this idea, but to make a keyboard game better, it needs a controls option, because people might struggle with the AWSD keys as a control, but they could like to use the arrow keys of there was one. Really a good thing was the crayons, I like those kind of ideas, really try and remember to add the controls option into this game and save slots, those are also good things, but badly takes alot of space if there are too many of them, about 4 save files.


have some bugs on menu part, but the the game is playable

Enjoyable game.

But the constant advertisments get annoying and at one point froze the game when i was going into the menu. You might wanna look at that. Also, for the people that are going on about the game controls going "crazy", some games on newgrounds dont work in Internet Explorer. Download Firefox or chrome and use that instead, should work no problem then. Dont just give it a 0 cause of a browser issue, the game itself is great.