Reviews for "Primary"


It is a good game but i just dont really like it

wow Frozenfire

seems like you'rer really on your way. ^+^


Really Sweet concept, like others have said though, the movements felt a little slow. Other than that great job!

Outstanding art, but the gameplay...

When I saw the intro screens, I was immediately drawn in; the voice acting was superb, music pleasing, visuals enticing, and I was chuckling like an idiot when I heard the pun "The Hueman Race". And that was true throughout the entire game: The gameplay music was still fun to listen to after 30 levels, the boss's animation was fluid and impressive, and the tutorial guide's voice was strangely soothing...

All this, however, in stark contrast of the actual gameplay.

At times it was challenging in a good way, but when the wall-jumping fails or the colour-switching lags, that's when it crossed over to being frustrating. I was also a little miffed at the fact you had to continually move towards the wall to stay on it, and you couldn't jump on the same wall twice. That would have saved Roy's life a few times, as would non-laggy colour-switching.

And then there were the counterintuitive controls. Why not allow arrow keys for movement? Shift, being near the WASD keys, made it slightly awkward to move during a FireBoost. The JKL controls confused me initially as Blue, Red, and Yellow is a different order from the loading screen's. ( I eventually got used to the controls, but really, Arrow Keys + ASD + Space + Shift would be a much more intuitive layout. )

The levels, to me, were kept more or less fresh by the new abilities. The boss levels, however, were disappointing. While I enjoyed the easy puzzle of the first boss battle, I was saddened to see the 2nd and 3rd boss battles were essentially the same.

After all these troubles, I was worried that the ending was going to be disappointing. Thankfully, it wasn't. Again I saw the amazing graphics and voicing which had first drawn me into the game. The ending, for me anyway, was what made the game worth it.

It also hints at a sequel, and if that does go through, I'm sure you'll take these criticisms into consideration. All the best!


this was a nice concept, and i LOVED the comic book style beginning. This game reminded me of the Wii game deBlob in all the best ways. my only complaint is that the wall jumping was a little tough 2 pull off, and the controls were just a tad awkward. other than that, nice job. keep up the good work.