Reviews for "Primary"


Interesting platformer.
The gameplay mechanics worked quite well and there was very few glitches, though one time after dying on the boss he did not disappear and then there was two bosses. But generally stuff worked better than most flash platformers.

Only complaint is that there are too many keys used.
I was using a PS2 pad and still found it hard to find a configuration that worked well.

Awesome game

i loved the game. i also like the gameplay music. but kinda laggy for slow comps

> :O <

This should be an app man. Lovin it :D


interesting game. its a very good concept but i feel like you could have done a little more with it. Overall its a great game though 9/10

Awesome game

I love the concept of this game and in terms of the audio and visuals, I see no flaws. The only issue I have is that the gameplay could be a bit smoother, and it is buggy at times, but regardless this game is still tons of fun. Nice name for hueman super soldier by the way, Roy G Biv lol