Reviews for "Primary"


like playing megaman!! i love it!


I must give the game a ten. I find myself replaying levels after upgraded my dudes and enjoying every minute of it. The only thing that bugs me is my slow computer. It can't keep up so I'm playing at a friend's house. Thank-you for making this.

this is bugging the

crap out of me the guy keeps walking right and jumping i wont rate on the left until ive actually played the game properly try to get that fixed though guys


I like the game. It's challenging and the concept is original. I have one problem with the game and that is the length of the levels and lack of checkpoints.

I am infuriated by the number of times I've reached the end of a level and slight slip of a finger caused me to return to the beginning. This would be one of my favorite games if it only had checkpoints, even just one per level would be nice.

All this aside the game runs well on medium quality and handles well with all of the keyboard pressing.

Nicely done

Great game and concept a few glitches but overall is great and awesome