Reviews for "Primary"

@Judas07 Orange can be the evolution of red, lava instead of fire! I agree with violot being electrical but I'm not sure with green. Green as an element is always nature, never anything else.
anyway, great game!

Love this game to bits - discovered it a while ago, but the sticky keys bug surfaced and I've only recently (as in started today) finished it using Chrome :3 Amazing little thing - the ideas are well-thought out and imaginative, and the puzzles are difficult without being ridiculous. Practically perfect.

Just a thought - have you ever considered making a sequel called Secondary, based around (duh) the secondary colours? :D AKA Violet, Green and Orange? I think it would be really interesting, and the story could be that since *NOTE SPOILERS DO NOT READ UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED THE GAME SERIOUSLY IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME DON'T READ* Roy got sucked into the Void World (I warned you) at the end of the game, maybe the Hueman create a new super-soldier with the powers of the secondary colours to go save him! And it takes place in the Void World (maybe with some varying locale, as that was the only thing I didn't like about the game) while the player can use new powers such as Violet = Lightning/Electricity, Green = Nature/Plant-life and Orange... I don't know about Orange. But that's the fun part! Coming up with the powers! Right?

And, though this is a long shot, since there are certain mechanics that would seem wasteful to get rid of (ie. Yellow's teleportation and intangibility) maybe it could work on a similar premise to Portal 2, what with the two-player multiplayer as one controls Roy and one controls whatever the other guy's name is! Bob! I don't know! That's up to YOU!

Sorry for the rant, I'm quite passionate about things such as this (a little sad, I know), and I thought it would be a fun idea. So even though this will probably never reach your eyes...


Something's gone buggy: the controls (every single button) have developed a habit of sticking.

Its like the yellow guy turns invisible and flies then goes to the top level

Oh yeah FrozenFire nice job on this game.Really love your art and stuff.