Reviews for "Primary"

Good but buggy

When I was fighting the first boss, the game wouldn't let me use the Ice attack when blue or the fire attack when red.

But its a good game.

pretty good

you know i like this game a lot but a few gliches the first time i played like i couldn`t change colors but i reloaded the page and it was fine and another was when i was battling,the boss just wouldn`t die. but other than that l liked it can`t wait for the second one to come out.

Tipppity tip top

Really, really, really, really good. I played the whole game, then got all the awards, then played it all again. My only criticisms would be that the bosses all being exactly the same is a bit dissapointing. It's also annoying that you can't hit the boss until he does a certain move - sometimes I found myself waiting forever before I could hit him, very frustrating. Also, when trying to get the time trial medals, it really bothered me that the clock keeps running when you die. It means that to have another go, and reset the clock, you have to enter the menu, then select 'level select', THEN confirm your selection, THEN go to the lift, THEN select the level, THEN wait for that level to reload. I did get confused with the keys a little bit, but hey, it's a puzzler, not an action game. Also, it would be nice if blue had a better second power than just better ice cubes. How about an ice slick which yellow can slide on to get through stuff? Just a suggestion. I'm sure you can come up with something. can't wait for the sequel.


I haven't had this much fun with a Newgrounds game in a long ass time. I'm gonna beat this one to the end. I hope you make it to the big times

Good but full of bugs.

I would have given this game a 7 or 8 if it weren't for the constant bugs. One time a boss cloned himself in a never-ending attack loop.

The controls were a little annoying and the wall jumping seemed a bit off. The bosses all being the same was pretty disappointing.

The difficulty level and the upgrades kept things interesting enough to play all the way through however.