Reviews for "Primary"

Really nice game

Played it for a while now and it is definitly a good game. I really like the concept. But sometimes the controls are, as stated before, a little bit imprecise, like walljumping. Irregardless, I will give you a 10 for it.


I'm sure it's a great game, but the controls are sticky and lag horribly, and if it were possible to get rid of the feature that allows you to change colours simply by clicking the screen, it would be less frustrating.

I hope to see a Secondary!

Sorry for the lame pun, but I really hope there is a follow up to this with new colors and powers and some new levels, once I got used to the keys and how to make it all mesh with my hands, it felt really intuitive to switch colors rapidly and keep in motion, even if at first it felt fluid to move later on. The bigger and badder levels, powers, and enemies felt pretty scaled even though the boss battles were essentially the same except with less transportation across the pools. There were some slowdown issues sometimes, but they were easily worked through in my opinion. Honestly I can't wait to see more work in this line!

Realy Good

I'd give it a 10, but I can' get through 25!

Great platformers...

Really enjoyed the game, the gameplay and the concept- original and clever. Top marks from someone who usually gives low ones!

Thanks very much for the effort in making this great little game!