Reviews for "Primary"

Sad :(

I'm sad because I really want to play this game, but I can't cause the controls aren't working. I press D, but the character won't move that direction so I can't get past the first part. You've suggested downloading google chrome, but I'm not allowed to download anything on this computer and I tried adding newgrounds to my trusted sites as well and that didn't work. But I want to give it some stars anyway, because it looks really cool.

so addicting

this game is awesome! very creative and witty (hueman was hilarious). this is the bees knees bro

amazing :)

the small details were amazing: the shift in the music for each color, the black gobs in the background, the detailing in the walls, and I even noticed that sometimes when you hit an enemy with fire from far away and they could see it coming, their eyes would widen before they got hit. That is AWESOME.
however, I have a bit of criticism. First of all, I would have liked for there to be some differentiation in the bosses. Fighting the same boss on the final level that I had already fought twice was rather anticlimactic. Also, there were some lags when I switched colors, but that is understandable.


i liked your bosses. but i'd like some cheats too. you know, the usual, infinite health.
good with that no dying in any level!!

Game wasn't fun...

until I installed Google Chrome! lol Thanks for that. That took care of the sticky button problem just like you said! dude, this game is stunning! Awesome animation along with top notch game play, great sound, and original story/idea! I LOVE IT!