Reviews for "Primary"


it was good but i think it could be beter.

Amzazing game!

I totally agree with the guys underneath my post :P
Amazing idea and great execution :D i wouldve bought this ^^

That was great!

Really good and creative idea!

Walking Tall, made easy.

I found a way to get the Walking Tall medal without much work! Just go to a wall and keep right on walking. Sure, ya won't move, but at least you get the medal, right?


simple and short , but it would be cool if you guys made a rpg out of it , not mario or old final fantasy but where you have free roam and mabye get infected by a black marker and you have to choose if you fix yourself with a white marker or side with them and , DESTROY ALL HUEMANS . that aside THAT, F$#%^&* GAME IS MOTHER F$#%^&* AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!