Reviews for "Primary"

i have earned the secret medal ''frozenfire''

Amazing concept for a game, and executed pretty well. However, it gets a bit boring level after level, but that doesn't take away from its goodness, just makes it a tiny bit sour and bitter if played for too long.

amazing game for how old it is, i really like the concept of switching between the colors only if the boss wasn't still one and the same but that's just one small thing also one more down side but that isn't really about the game and it's not gonna make any changes to the rating but there isn't any way of getting the music, it's not on SoS or anything

Hey can anyone help me on Secret medal 2?

Great Game! really challenging and really worthy! also, i see that you have also been experiencing some problems with the controls, like they're stuck or something. Just keeping pressing those controls until they've become unstuck and then you can continue playing without problems.