Reviews for "Primary"

Awesome game! But...

Look, this game is awesome, and this isn't your fault. WTF happened to Newgrounds? every time I jumped between levels I saw an ad for Moto GP. Goddamn! I went and played this game at a different site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great concept, great execution, well done. And shame on you, NG, you used to be above the whoring.


I love this game, but the red upgrade is glitching me to the max.

I can fireboost left fine, but I can't move right and fireboost at the same time, meaning that level 26, or whichever level the red upgrade is in, is impossible for me to complete. I have to go up, and then somehow go right, meaning I will always miss the platform...

Is there some fix for this?


Otherwise a tight game

JackSmack responds:

I have this issue with my keyboard where I can't hit K W and D at the same time... I narrowed the problem down to my wireless keyboard though. It works fine when I use a wired keyboard. That is the closest I've gotten to the bug you are describing.

Great game

The game is great pretty good but I think level 15 is just too hard.


Great game. I've just finish it yet I've had several issues that most of my screen turn grey letting only the top left corner visible.
I'm running on MacOSX 10,7 Firefox if it could help you in any way understand the bug related to it.

If not the game is amazing. You're not the first one to make a *Action-Puzzle* game where changing colour/race/type help you solve the game yet this one is great. The upgrade are just well place so it's give new possibility and never get you tired of the game.
Music was OK without being the most impressive composition but not bad either.
And the graphic fit well to the game. Even if I would prefer a bit more colour even if it won't be in the mood of the game.

JackSmack responds:

This is an issue based on the Newgrounds Ads system. Please notify CPMstar and Newgrounds that you are having the issue cause us developers don't have any control over that bug. What happens is the ads get loaded into our games and we trust them not to break our games... But... Stuff like that happens. I have made a forum post about the issue as well if you check my recent forum posts you can find it and post a screenshot.


This game is so phenomenal...
It's complicated to play it, I can't even imagine how it was made. Well done, people, you amazed me.
I loved the most how the music changes when you change the character.

JackSmack responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it! It was a real hassle to make the game you betcha. I just wanted to say awesome avatar. I love Suikoden.