Reviews for "Primary"

Great Game!

Just a few bugs. The major one being whenever I press spacebar as any colour but blue, i turn blue instead of using power. That got me stuck in the game, and thats why you get an 8.


i love everything about it the puzzles the combat the platforming just awsome

well, its interesting...

but i stopped playing a few levels in... it just gets so laggy for me...

its a little odd, why make it so he cant get powers until so late into the game?

and TheDevilsPet, yellow is a primary color...

though i suppose it is a bit misplaced here, red/blue/green are additive primaries, while yellow is a subtractive primary along with cyan and magenta...

yellow would be a secondary color in the additive color group... but the same goes for those three colors in the subtractive color group...

maybe you should study a bit more on facts and work on your manners before complaining about someone's work...?


Color of Romania XD


green isnt a primary color, if you add yellow and blue, they make green
you get your facts right