Reviews for "Primary"


First of all, the story was totally ripped of from de blob, the idea was unoriginal and pretty boring. THe graphics were boring and the multiple switch thing is not a puzzle, you can get through each one (if there is more than one) with a little help from the trile and error twins. Resonably fun if your very bored, but that's the only reason you would want to play it

What a great game!

Im in lvl 9 and its semi-impossible for me to finish it

great concept... *in the making*

i was thoroughly impressed with the quallity of the graphical content, vibrant, smooth, creative! how ever the animated features do not compliment well with these visual features. fear not for the lag does not fare all through out the game. i found that level 2 and 3 were far more effecient than the first. as for the gameplay it is rather adictive, the kind of gameplay that makes you wanna say "ooooh just one more itsy bity level" (which ofcourse turns out to span across the whole game). the abbility to switch between different characters was somewhat of a cliche but never the less well thought out. last but not least the story line. not as compelling as would be expected of a game with this much effort pumped into it but far better than alot of other titles which have gotten great ratings.
visuals 9/10
animation 6/10
gameply experience 8.5/10
innovation 7/10
over all personal crit 8/10

Game looks cool but...

...the character seems to refuse to go left for me, even in popup mode...and I'm pretty sure I already got newgrounds down as a trusted site on my sites list. :/


First of all its a great game!
really fun nice graphics nice idea.
nice job awesome game!
it works perfectly for me, check your internet connection