Reviews for "Primary"


i wish that is good ^^
so i'cant play everyday ^^

fun, but very irritating

I could have played this game for hours, but by the 8th level, I was so enraged by the sticky keys bug that i could not take it anymore, none of the fixes offered helped, and any button affected by sticky keys would be disabled for a second, often leading to my death, fixing the sticky keys problem would have changed my review to at least a 9/10, pending later levels, overall i'd say this is a great game, but crippled by a severe bug

Ok, i guess.

The problem is the controls. Simply use the arrow keys, you know? Still, i give it a 7 for gameplay.

Liked it!

I liked the game,but you should give it a little more speed to jump!

Kinda Sketchy

Movement system needs improvement, along the lines of jumping/wall-jumping. Concept is great though. I'm glad you used stick-like characters.. if it were to be sprites or any other form of a person ( ex. Alien, Human, etc.) then it would look terrible.