Reviews for "Kill Sub-Zero 3"

very good

and very bloody too

weyden responds:

Thank you ^^


Must *huff* stop *puff* laughing *wheez* lmfao!
Flawless animation as per the last 2, there wasn't as much substance to this part of the story, but the jokes were still great, and the end was honestly the best I've seen all day. Just when I was getting so sick of watching those MK Mishaps, you re-invented the wheel, and made it look damn good buddy! lol keep it up!!! ;)

*Sets money aside for the DVD*

fuken awsome

the effects, the comedy \, the fights, and da nusice are all awsome and blend perfectly...keep up da good work.

Fuckin Funny

Awsome vid dude ay what's that song that started playin when he kicked the shit outta Shang Tusung


both of them is... GREAT fastest ever I saw