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Reviews for "Kill Sub-Zero 3"

Funny .. but

how long will it be till conclusion ??

weyden responds:

Good question haha there is only so many times scorpion can die. Im open to suggestions as to how many more I should make lol


That was the best sprite i saw in awhile xD
Hope it gets frontpaged
5/5 10/10 and favorited

hahaha xD

omg that whas so funny when the were trowing with Scorpion xD :D @_@

I was so confused...

That I had to laugh. Pretty random my man, keep up this level of spontaneity and you'll DEFINITELY succeed in newgrounds.

And in regards to what you said to roguetwo about 4 reviews down, I know how you feel, my artwork and such would be a lot better if I could sit at the computer longer than about 2 hours at a time focusing on work. Short attention spans, a curse some of us must bear :P

weyden responds:

Haha thats what happens when you start playing with flash and mortal kombat sprites. Yeah haha guess I will have to learn to be patient =/

very good

and very bloody too

weyden responds:

Thank you ^^