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Reviews for "Kill Sub-Zero 3"


Well done. The humor is definitely different from the normal shtick you get here on newgrounds. The slapstick is a nice touch too. This makes me want to experiment with flash again

Comedy gold once again.

Okay, you've now officially earned a spot in my VERY SHORT "favorite authors" list.

The humor is awesome and I wish you the best of luck in making as many of these as you want. Just bear in mind that Mortal Kombat action animators are in relatively short supply here...

I'd still love to see what you could do with a full-length fight.


weyden responds:

Thanks man. If I was to do something more serious it would have to be with capcom sprites as I have always been a capcom whore xD

2 Words


that was funny.

Just go light on the swearing. It kinda kills things a bit. It was good none the less though. Your backgrounds were amazing. Very nice.

amazing man

another great 1 dogg. just amazing man amazing. and a great im provement from 1 and 2 can't wait till the next one